“We want to thank you all so much for working so hard to give us our forever home! You have a crew of talented, driven, hardworking and reliable individuals. We are so excited to have a beautiful, safe new home to raise our son in. Thank you.”

Erin & Kevin Lehouillier

"We chose Chase Custom Homes to build our home because their estimated cost was lower than other builders' while providing higher quality materials. In addition, Chase carried the cost of construction so we did not need to get a construction loan nor sell our home prior to building. A bonus was Chase's commitment to return 1 year after completion to inspect the home and fix any issues that may occur. We are extremely pleased with the quality of work completed by their employees and subs as well as the level of respect extended to us. Eric Hallee, John Moody, and Bob Costigan were always quick to respond to our questions and concerns throughout the entire process."

Phil & Julie Marshall

"Chase was willing to take on a comparatively small job to ensure our family's camp would be stable and secure for another 50 years with their quality workmanship! Chase was able to finish the job in a timely fashion, even when the weather wasn't too cooperative. They kept me posted on the progress and were clear on the specifics of the job, completing it according to plan."

Karen White, Little Sebago Lake

Early on in the process Chase was very attentive to our needs. They worked with us through multiple iterations of our custom home plan.

Having built multiple homes I was impressed with the level of detail in their written contract as it left nothing open to interpretation. It helped identify a gap between our architecture diagram and what we ultimately wanted. Minor details like solid core doors being explicitly written in the contract are things you won't see most builders do. You don't have to worry about being nickeled and dimed for light fixtures, ceiling fans, cabinet pulls, door knobs, etc.

As we progressed to the build phase, Mother Nature was not kind to us. Several large snowstorms dumped multiple foot snow falls at the job site. The snow combined with frigid cold temperatures prolonged the early stages of the build process. While frustrating it's not something we can hold Chase accountable for. Our final timeline was close to 5 months.

As we dealt with various venders (cabinets, countertop, flooring, etc.) one vendor stood out above all the others. Stone Surface in Bridgton, Maine, was excellent to work with for our granite countertops. In addition to having multiple price tiers (low, medium and high) for us to choose from, they made the process easy and painless. We got great looking granite at the medium-priced tier which was within our allowance. We would highly recommend them for any granite work.

When doing a walkthrough for lighting, Joey, the electrician was on site. He listened to my needs and made great suggestions ultimately making the location of fixtures and switches perfect.

The closing process for any home can be stressful and I don't think our experience with Chase was any different. We had a punch list which I will give credit to Chase that they effectively worked through after some back-and-forth which is to be expected on a transaction in the amount of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Moving ahead one year after being in our home, I was thoroughly impressed with the lack of nail pops or cracks in the drywall. While we did have a few warranty items, which are to be expected with any new construction, Chase addressed them all. We had some work to be done to the hardwood floor and I will once again give a shout out to Joe and Chad the flooring guys as they did an amazing job.

All in all, Chase is a custom home builder that strives to do quality work and provide the homeowner with a quality product.

Keith Morneault & Robyn Campbell

I cannot thank you enough for all that you and your team did. Simply outstanding!
It is rare this day and age for a man or a service to say something and actually do what they say, how, and when! I really value that. Very strong work.
Thank You!


From start to finish our home building experience with Chase Custom Homes has been outstanding. Phone calls and emails were answered immediately, and everyone we dealt with has been friendly, professional, and on-the-ball. Problems that cropped up, which are inevitable when building a new home, were dealt with immediately. Even after closing Chase continues to be responsive in addressing any minor issues that have arisen. We would not hesitate in recommending Chase to others.

Vikki & Lynn

"Building a home for the first time can be a lot of work and quite a process. It was great to feel we were supported by the our builders from start to finish. They truly listened to every single one of our ideas, and we had plenty. In the end we got exactly what we wanted- a beautiful custom built home that we designed and love. "

Ashley & Josh

"The communication during the decision making process as well as the construction process is second to none! We were involved in every single decision that was made during our house build! We could not be happier with our home!"

Ben & Stacie

"Thank you to all of the Chase team for giving us such a special gift for the Holidays & the next 30+ years. We are going to make so many memories in this beautiful house!"

Ashley & Nick

"We want to thank you so much for helping us through this process and building our dream home! Your whole team did such an amazing job and were always there to answer all of our crazy emails and questions. We are so extremely happy with how it all came together. We can't wait to laugh and grow our family in this home. We will be calling you soon for our garage!"

Amanda & Phil

"When we decided that we wanted to build a new house, we didn't know where to start. We first meet with Eric Hallee and he was able to sit down with us and explain how everything was going to work and we knew right there and then, that we had picked the right people to build our house. Eric and John held our hand throughout the whole process, and were always available to answer any questions that we had. The fact that we didn't have to deal with a construction loan was also a big plus. We absolutely love the house that they build for us, and couldn't be any happier. We highly recommend Chase Custom Homes to anyone who is looking to build a new house, you won't be disappointed." - Ken & Emily Cochrane

As I sit here in my new home I am amazed that what I envisioned (along with the chicken scratching of a plan) has come true!!! What a wonderful experience I had with Chase!!! The team is truly awesome !!! Although this is our retirement home and won't be building again... I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone thinking of building to make your appointment with Chase!!! You will not be disappointed!!! #webuildyourslikeitsours -Bonnie & Bill

"Our journey of finding a home began when our second child was almost a year old. We had outgrown our first home and needed space as well as an ideal location. While searching, we just couldn't get all the pieces to go together and we started thinking we would need to make major scarifies to get into the price range we could afford. We drove around the Westbrook, Portland, Falmouth and Scarborough areas many times over and came upon the Presumpscot Estates subdivision. We couldn't believe how beautiful the land was out there and started imagining our forever home there. The tennis courts, pool, clubhouse, baseketball court, and trails to the river were more than we could have asked for! We are so thankful to Chase Custom Homes for our beautiful home. It's the perfect fit for our family. "- Kyle & Krystle

Kyle & Krystle

"Extremely exited to be officially finished building our new home! Building a house is the most exciting and rewarding experience! Working with Chase Custom Homes made it 10x more fun! Such an amazing team of people! So extremely blessed and couldn't be any happier to start the next chapter of our lives in this home. Here's to new memories ❤️"

Ciarra & Josh