You may be surprised how much home you can afford when you match your vision and style with our expertise and resources! Unlike most local homebuilders, we can offer you turn-key construction with NO mortgage or interest to be paid until your home is ready to be lived in. Because you’ll be buying a finished home, you can use any loan program that you would use with a used home which means you can take advantage of First-Time Home Buyer programs, Low Down Payment Government loans like FHA, MSHA, RD, and even VA! So, if your dream is to live in a brand new, low-maintenance, home that’s been built just for you... and even includes a warranty... we can make that happen!

The higher rates and interest payments on a construction loan throughout the building period make it easy to burn through a substantial amount of cash before your home is complete and ready to be lived in.

This is why our turn-key, NO CONSTRUCTION LOAN NEEDED program is not only easier but allows you to build MORE home for the money. Because we’d much rather see you save that cash on hand for your down payment, we’ll use our money to build your home as you want it and then sell it back to you for the price you agreed to... and not a penny more!

We value honesty and fairness and our homeowners really appreciate that about us. We work hard to give you the best price and value for the home you want. We may not always be the lowest quote, but we stay true to our word. We won’t quote you one price then surprise you with another when your project is finished. Our promises count! It all starts with a plan... every design and any subsequent changes will be carefully written down and signed off by you before we build. We pride ourselves on being flexible with our clients but clear, concise communication is an important part of our process. We subscribe to a policy of everything being “on paper... on purpose” so you won’t have any unpleasant surprises when your home is finished.

<a name="three">We want to see your doodles!</a>

You’ve been thinking... and that means you’ve probably even sketched out an idea of what the perfect home would look like. Whether you’ve been dreaming on a cocktail napkin or a CAD program, we’d love to see your ideas.

Let our construction crew and drafting team put their heads together to build your ideas into a real home. We promise to listen carefully to your needs and desires and help you craft a plan for a home that comfortably fits your lifestyle and your budget.

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