Vendor Spotlight: Agren Appliance

As part of a monthly blog series we would like to introduce and help you learn more about our trusted vendors and suppliers. We have been working with many of these companies for more than a decade and each supplier is a key part of the homebuilding process. We wouldn’t be able to do it without them!

Agren Appliance

Agren Appliance has been in business for nearly a half century. The company started in 1969 with just two service trucks and has grown to be the state's largest independent appliance and mattress retailer. "Agren was founded in 1969 by my father," says Eric Agren, customer service leader and second generation family member. Eric's brother, Jason Agren, is the president of Agren Appliance.

Read on to learn more about the advantages of working with Agren Appliance.

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How long has Agren Appliance been in business? How did the company get started?

Eric Agren: "Agren was founded in 1969 by my Father.  It started with two service trucks and my Father worked out of our house until he opened the first retail store in Auburn.  Today, Agren has 5 locations throughout Maine, and is the state’s largest independent appliance and mattress retailer.  We also have the largest service department in Maine, the largest parts department in Maine, and we service everything we sell."

What does a typical customer meeting look like when someone visits your location?

Eric Agren: "Our main goal is to educate and help customers that are looking for new appliances and bedding.  We have the largest appliance showrooms in Maine, our sales staff is highly trained, low pressure, and ready to help customers make an informed decision for their appliance purchase.  A meeting would entail reviewing the customer’s budget and preferences on new products, and putting together a package for them that will fit their needs."

What are the advantages of working with Agren Appliance?

Eric Agren: "Agren has been in the appliance business for 48 years.  Many of our staff have been with our company for over 20 years, providing the most experienced team of people in the business in Maine. Agren also offers the largest showrooms in Maine, with highly trained sales staff that are there to help customers find the right solution for their appliance needs.  We work hard to make sure customers can make good, informed decisions on their appliance purchases.  Finally, we have enough buying power to easily compete with the box stores.  In fact, we guarantee our pricing to be equal or better than theirs at any time.  And, we provide service to our customers after the sale if it is needed."

What do you enjoy most about working with Chase Custom Homes' clients?

Eric Agren: "When we meet with a Chase Custom Homes customer, we know they have already had a good experience with their building needs, and they have a clear path of what they need in their kitchen for appliances.  Working with Chase is seamless in acquiring specifications, design and the like to make the appliance purchasing experience as easy as possible.  Since our companies have a good working relationship, the client can rest assured that the little details will get worked out right as they build their home."

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