We offer true one-stop shopping. Now you can build a new home with ANY kind on financing: FHA, USDA/RD, Conventional, Portfolio, VA etc. and do it with “NO CONSTRUCTION LOAN NEEDED”! When you build with Chase Custom Homes & Finance Inc., WE finance the complete build, at no additional cost to you! You pay no interest or finance charges throughout the build. Your bank takes over upon completion with an “End Loan” - land included! Your land, our land, any land. “Turnkey” simply means, a complete land + new home package, with no finance charges, or interest accrued. When your new home is completed, your bank takes over the financing, and you get the keys to your new home as if it were a new sale. It’s simple and easy!

No, we also do remodels, additions and renovations. Call us for: porches, vinyl siding, wood siding and accent materials, cabinetry, countertops, vanities, flooring, appliances, lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, hardscaping, walkways, roofing, garages and more!

Yes, you can use your own subcontractors. While we have our preferred subcontractors, we are happy to work with other companies if that is what you would prefer. We have strong working relationships with many local independent contractors.

No, you do not have to use our plans. We have a variety of stock plans to choose from as well as custom made plans, professional architect plans, or even internet supplier plans. We also offer drafting services if needed.

No, we do not charge for quotes. However, we do require a plan deposit for construction plans.

No, you do not have to build in our subdivisions. While we do have land available in many towns in Maine. If you have had land willed or gifted to you or have purchased or acquired land in some other way, we will work with you to build your home. We can also help find the right piece of land by putting you on a real estate land search.

Yes we will. Chase Custom Homes understands the importance of proper communication and professional service when building valuable loyal broker relationships. Real estate agents enjoy working with us because we’ve structured the relationship to benefit both them and their client. Many local agents turn to us for new construction “similar to be built” homes on their land listings.

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