It’s All in the Details: 3 Interior Upgrades You Can Have in a Custom Home

There’s a lot more to a home than curb appeal. Interior details and customization matter – these are the things that make a home more than just a living space. With a custom home there are lots of options and features you can add to enhance your home and add a personal touch. Here are three of our favorite interior details:

Upgraded Kitchen Cabinets & Custom Backsplash

We’ve all seen the remodeling and fixer-upper shows on TV that show off dramatic kitchen transformations. What component instantly makes a huge difference? New cabinets! Especially in a new home, cabinets serve as a show piece and can really enhance the look of your kitchen. Add a custom tile backsplash to really make a statement.

Custom Modular Kitchen

Custom Built-In Shelves and Storage

Not only do built-ins serve as fuctional storage space, they also add a showstopping touch. And, because built-ins can be designed to cater to your needs, the options are nearly endless. Use to display art, books, family photos or create hidden storage, built-ins are a great way to add both beauty and functionality.

Custom Living Room Built-In Walls

Custom Trim & Wall Panels

Custom trim and panels add a polished, elegant touch to any room. Cove or crown, batten or baseboard, these finishes show off expert craftsmanship.

Custom Door Trim

Start dreaming of the details! See more examples of custom interior details and finish work here.

*Photos: Westchester Modular Homes.